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Miller Electric Mfg. Co., founded in 1929, is the world leading manufacturer of wielding products. They are now providing industrial protection at a cost that you can reach with two new models to add to the classic series of welding helmets: The VSi and the FS #10 2×4 Flip-Up. It is a solution for the common folk who want an auto-darkening helmet at funds they can easily buy without having to drive themselves bankrupt. High quality and less than 100 dollars, they come in variable shades 8-13. These helmets allow you to grind and any other tasks without having to raise the helmet or switch to a precise grinding mask. As expected, it is highly resistant to heat, offering the perfect protection for your head, face, and especially eyes from whatever intensity the grinding sparks can reach.It results in a quick declutter, less spending on several items when you can have it in one, safe and productivity with your projects. It is also great for beginners as the wielding and workings are simple enough to explain or even learn for yourself.

The VSi

The classic VSi has auto-darkening with a flip-up panel that shows the integrated grinding shield on 180 degrees of vision. It also includes an X-mode, which senses the welding arc automatically. This helps for when you are outside, under darkness or heavy rain that might impede the wielding sensors from darkening properly. It has a 5.88 square-inch viewing and three sensors for better response time.

The FS #10 2×4 Flip-Up

The FS #10 2×4 Flip-Uphas two independent sensors with industry auto-darkening lenses that reach a shade of 10. When the 2×4 is flipped up it exposes a clear grinding shield that gives high clearance to your work area.

It includes…

It includes five cover outside lenses, two inside cover lenses, and a bag to either save it or have it cleaned after every use.They are rigid, which grants durability, yet lightweight, which in turn gives you comfort for long work hours. For those who wear glasses, it is spacious for them or just for you to breathe properly. It is a quick set up and ready to use at your raise and turning.If you want to get creative, they also offer helmets with logos, colors and designs to your pleasing taste. An example is the patriotic helmet, which was made in honor to the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry, the largest skilled trade union who uses these products extensively. These products are used by the best and you can now own their same wielding. Another example is one made in the Mexican flag.


Both helmets are CSA certified and come with a two-year warranty placed by Miller. You can be sure of this purchase, it will not be a cheap waste. To give you more of an assurance, it has been added to a bestseller list. For more on these product’s as well as interest in any of Miller’s items, you can check their website at miller welding helmet.

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