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Welding Supplies Best Tools for Saving Life

Miller Electric Mfg. Co., founded in 1929, is the world leading manufacturer of wielding products. They are now providing industrial protection at a cost that you can reach with two new models to add to the classic series of welding helmets: The VSi and the FS #10 2×4 Flip-Up. It is a solution for the common folk who want an auto-darkening helmet at funds they can easily buy without having to drive themselves bankrupt. High quality and less than 100 dollars, they come in variable shades 8-13. These helmets allow you to grind and any other tasks without having to raise the helmet or switch to a precise grinding mask. As expected, it is highly resistant to heat, offering the perfect protection for your head, face, and especially eyes from whatever intensity the grinding sparks can reach.It results in a quick declutter, less spending on several items when you can have it in one, safe and productivity with your projects. It is also great for beginners as the wielding and workings are simple enough to explain or even learn for yourself.

The VSi

The classic VSi has auto-darkening with a flip-up panel that shows the integrated grinding shield on 180 degrees of vision. It also includes an X-mode, which senses the welding arc automatically. This helps for when you are outside, under darkness or heavy rain that might impede the wielding sensors from darkening properly. It has a 5.88 square-inch viewing and three sensors for better response time.

The FS #10 2×4 Flip-Up

The FS #10 2×4 Flip-Uphas two … Read the rest.....

Welding Supplies Every New Welder Must Have

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New Welders Need to Build a Tool Box

If you are looking into getting into welding as a profession, there are many things that you are going to need, and many more things that you are going to need to know. But perhaps the most important thing is what welding supplies you are going to have to have in order to be truly ready for the profession of welding. If you are just starting out, it is important to have the right tools. You need tools that will help you grow into the profession, and become a better welder. visit us now!

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

When you first get into welding, you are going to want a user friendly welding helmet. You need something that will be easy for you to use, and will help you get the job done with minimal distraction and will adapt to you and your work. The most effective titanium welding helmet for beginners to buy is an auto-darkening welding helmet, because it will automatically adapt to the amount of light that you have. When you are working, and when you stop working, you will be able to see easily and with more accuracy.

Welding Clamps

After the miller welding helmet, perhaps one of the most important supply that you will need to keep handy are welding clamps. Welding clamps allow users to hold onto the pieces of your project, and keep them in place while you work. It is advised that you have at least 10 welding clamps, but having more will not … Read the rest.....

Tips for Choosing the Right Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet



In the welding works, welding helmets are the most important safety and welding supplies and protection equipment after welding gloves. If you buy the wrong kind, you will be stuck with it for at least 1 job, and that might be too long, getting it right the first time will make your welding experience more enjoyable from the start. Wilding professionals face many risks that could cause eye problems, such as infrared, high intensity light and ultraviolet. Those factors could bring permanent retinal damage. That is why you as a welder need a welding helmet to protect your eyes.

Here are 4 tips listed that will help you out when picking up a Darkening Welding Helmet.

Choosing the Right Welding Helmet

These tips will steer you in the right direction when picking out your first welding helmet, and will prevent you from making any rookie mistake and buying one that will not do the job properly. If you buy the wrong kind, you will be stuck with it for at least 1 job, and that might be too long, getting it right the first time will make your welding experience more enjoyable from the start.

Sensitivity setting on the helmet

You need to make sure that it has a Sensitivity setting on the helmet, so that it will not get too dark when dimming, and prevent you from seeing altogether. It needs to be just right for all working conditions from indoor with no – poor lighting, to outdoor work where you have the sun as your light source … Read the rest.....

Simple Considerations for a Safe Welding

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The basic role of welding is to associate two or more metals alongside thermoplastic to make a lasting association. This procedure can be did just by the experts in light of the fact that this can conceivable results with the help of miller welding helmet in activating flame and mischances like skin blazes or visual deficiency if not done legitimately. Here in this substance you can discover couple of helpful tips to complete this procedure securely.

Get quirky with the manual.

There are diverse brands to browse with regards to buy a tough miller welding helmet. Whatever your image is, you can’t make the most out of it when you don’t know how to utilize it. Know your instrument first. Perused further guidelines from the manual of your miller welding helmet. It will give you key data you need and particular orderly strategies. Make a point to comprehend it completely before you do it. Most uniquely, consider you’re preparing important to lessen welding perils.


Sparkles from the welding materials can see the unnoticed while the welder is caught up with working that will bring about you genuine skin harm like peeled skin and rankles. Skin presentation is inclined harming impacts of infrared or bright beams and agonizing skin smolders. Make certain to cover all uncovered skin, catch shirt collars, sleeves and front pockets to keep them from getting sparkles from miller welding helmet. Never wear shorts sleeve and short sleeves. Wear fire safe long sleeves cotton garments like pants and a welding coat. In the event that you feel … Read the rest.....