Home Safety

Kids Fire Safety

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Teach your kids fire safety before they get hurt

So few people ever think about kids fire safety, yet burn injuries are amongst the most common of household hazards.

I for one, hate seeing and dealing with a burn injury, particularly by fire.  As a former medic, I have seen some truly horrific sights. It is not nice!

When it comes to burning injuries, you need to not only teach your kids fire safety you need to make them aware of the various things that can cause burns as well as cause fires.A burn injury can be caused by hot water and other liquids, as well as electrical shock, and fire or chemicals, i.e., acids and alkalies.

Kids fire safety is something that we should take note of on a daily basis, no matter where we are.  You may well have taken all the precautions necessary in your home but what about the homes of friends and other family members.  Have they considered home fire safety?

My baby brother used a coat hanger to hook a pot of boiling milk on the stove down onto himself.  It was many weeks before his burn injury healed, and he was confined to bed for most of that time. Fortunately, our neighbor was a Pharmacist, and he was able to deal with the damage. He came around twice a day to provide and change the child’s dressings.

As young married women with children, I never really thought much about home fire safety and the possible hazards of heaters. We had a two … Read the rest.....

Poison Safety

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The consideration of poison safety within your home and garden is essential. People the world over are poisoned on a daily basis. There are many types of dangers and many places in which danger lurks.

The greatest risk is to children, because of the vast array of toxic substances that can be found in every room of every home, and because of a small child’s natural curiosity. What do they know or care about poison safety – to them it is all the fun stuff to be played with.

Elderly people are often forgetful and are unable to remember whether they have taken their medication, and then they take it again and land up taking an overdose.

Many younger people get involved in drugs and either overdose or take something new that doesn’t agree with them. In some cases, drugs are given to a victim without their knowledge. Poison safety is deliberately disregarded.

there are also those people who use poison as a means to take deliberately their lives.

You cannot do much to protect everyone, (except perhaps to be observant of the people around you and remind them whenever possible about poison safety in the home), but you can take active steps to make sure that your home is “poison safe” and as such to secure child safety for any child, whether your own, or a young visitor.

Keep ALL types of medication, prescription and non-prescription in a LOCKED cabinet, out of reach of your child.

Do not leave anything, even vitamins next to your bed or on counter … Read the rest.....

Why Babyproof?

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We need to babyproof to keep our homes safe for our children.

Safety consciousness needs to be practiced daily.

May I humbly suggest that you get on with it and babyproof your home as soon as possible! Your children are too precious to waste time procrastinating.

To effectively perform this exercise, you will need to get down on your hands and knees and try to see your baby or toddler’s world as he or she sees it. Everything is new and exciting and must be explored by touch and taste.

In a child’s mind, fingers need to be pushed into holes, such as the electrical outlets, which need baby proofing immediately. Containers of everything must be opened (if not already open) and then consumed and rubbed and smeared on faces and bodies and in their hair. Noses and ears also feature in this practice.

Children are very enterprising little creatures. If your cat can get up onto the roof, then your toddler will find a way up as well.

Some time ago, my three-year-old grand-nephew was found on the roof of his grandparent’s home. A contractor had very thoughtfully left a plank running from the upper driveway area onto the roof. The child negotiated this with ease and then proceeded across to the other side where the house overlooks a deep valley with magnificent views and a drop of several hundred meters. My brother and sister-in-law talked him into turning around and coming back, but at the cost of a great number of grey hairs

Unfortunately, there are some things … Read the rest.....